Parameter Conditions Value Unit
Min Typ Max
Power supply voltage 10.5 12 15 V
Power supply current at 12 V; thermal limit may be lower 1 A
5 V output current shared total: DNT900, Raspberry Pi & peripherals 1.8 A
3.3 V output current connector J4 3 mA
3.3 V output current connector J5 50 mA
Digital inputs & outputs connectors J4, J5, J6, P1, P5 0 3.3 V
ADC_REF jumper SJ1 severed 2.4 3.3 V
GPIO/analog/PWM signals connectors J4 & J6 refer to DNT900 manual
Real-time clock accuracy at 25 °C ±20 ppm
Real-time clock battery life CR1220 battery, power off 3.6 years
U.FL connector durability 30 insertions
Mounting hole diameter corner holes 3 mm
Mounting post thread interior hole #4-40 UTS
Weight board and radio combined 50 g
Murata radio module DNT900P or DNT2400P


Name Type Purpose Pin Name Description
J2 DC barrel jack, 2.1 mm × 5.5 mm ∅ Power tip 12V 12 V power supply input
sleeve GND Ground
J3 2×3.5 mm terminal block Power 1 12V 12 V power supply input
2 GND Ground
J4 14×0.1" terminal block DNT900 I/O 1 ADC_REF Analog-to-digital converter reference (see SJ1 below)
2, 14 GND Ground
3 3.3V 3.3 V supply voltage (3 mA max)
4–7 GPIO0–GPIO4 Configurable digital I/O ports
8–9 PWM0–PWM1 Pulse-width modulated outputs
10–12 ADC2–ADC0 Analog-to-digital converter inputs
13 5V 5 V power supply
J5 4×0.1" terminal block Raspberry Pi I²C expansion 1 3.3V_RPI 3.3 V supply (50 mA max)
2 GND Ground
3 SDA I²C serial data
4 SCL I²C serial clock
J6 2×0.1" terminal block DNT900 I/O 1–2 GPIO4–GPIO5 Configurable digital I/O ports
J8 U.FL coaxial Antenna adaptor Optionally connect to DNT900 radio with short, 50 Ω U.FL (ultra-miniature coaxial connector) pigtail
J9 SMA coaxial Antenna Optionally connect 50 Ω SMA antenna or antenna cable; bulkhead mountable
B1 12 mm battery holder Real-time clock backup Optional CR1216, CR1220 or CR1225 battery

Configuration Jumpers

Name Description Setting Function
J7 Raspberry Pi power control open Raspberry Pi permanently powered
closed Raspberry Pi power controlled via radio GPIO5 (0 → off, 1 → on)
SJ1 ADC_REF source trace intact ADC_REF connected to 3.3V
trace severed ADC_REF supplied via connector J4 pin 1
SJ2 ADC2 source unsoldered ADC2 available for use on connector J4 pin 10
soldered ADC2 connected to supply voltage measurement circuit